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Warriors Opposition to Rape, Trauma, and Harassment
This Ends Now 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to our webpage.

This page was made to share events of WORTH TEN20.


WORTH TEN20 originally started as WAVG, and is currently a private Facebook group of over 13K female active duty, reserve, and prior military service members. We are actively working to reform existing policies in the military regarding Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Our group was also initiated to provide women with additional resources.

WORTH TEN20 refuses to be in an environment where the prevalence of rape, harassment, retaliation, and abuse of authority by toxic leadership has allowed the continuance of the undermining of American Ideals and military core values—demanding a fair and impartial justice system that is transparent.


WORTH TEN20 uses personal experiences to reform policies to prevent continual systemic abuse and continually fights for the military leadership to provide a consistent, competent, and Zero Tolerance response to sexual harassment and assault.


WORTH TEN20 is actively involved in the opportunity to dismantle the cultural norms by providing scholarly solutions to promote recovery to the victim, and bring harassers and rapists to justice, and in return, strengthening our military's mission readiness and the promotion of

cohesion and integrity.


WORTH TEN20 executes its mission statement through policy advocacy, constitutional challenges to military policy, and publicizing of systemic abuse.

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